Blue Star

BSA’s latest heavy weight pellets are aerodynamically designed to optimise accuracy and improve energy transfer at longer distances. The tested combination of pointed and wad cutting style head make this pellet the perfect partner for hunting and accurate competition shooting.

4.5mm (.177): 8.02 grains
5.5mm (.22): 18.21 grains

Red Star

Medium crowned dome shape is specifically designed to provide maximum impact and optimum penetration at greater distances due to its heavier than standard weight. Manufactured to the highest of tolerances allows for tighter shot groups and consistent shot spreads, making this pellet the perfect ammunition for both field target and hunting alike.

4.5mm (.177): 8.02 grains
5.5mm (.22): 18.21 grains


Hollowpoint Hunter

This is the pellet for those close-to-medium range hunting situations where maximum knockdown potential is essential. The Interceptor is formed from a special lead-alloy which is designed to deform on impact and transfer impact-energy much more efficiently than standard pellet types. If you’re looking for the ultimate ammo for rat-hunting or feral pigeon control, you’ve found it with the BSA Interceptor!

4.5mm (.177): 7.87 grains
5.5mm (.22): 15.43 grains


Classic Roundhead

The all-time classic pellet, time-proven and designed for all-round use. Ideal for spring-piston and precharged pneumatic airguns alike, this pellet can handle anything from informal plinking sessions to the demands of full-on hunting action. Versatile, affordable and totally reliable, this pellet demands its place in your airgun armoury.

4.5mm (.177): 7.56 grains
5.5mm (.22): 15.34 grains


High-crowned Domehead

The ultimate pellet for extreme-range performance. This medium weight, highly aerodynamic pellet represents the perfect combination for hunting. Its streamlined profile creates less ‘drag’ in flight and promotes a more forgiving trajectory, while its weight-forward design maximises the pellet’s energy-transfer on impact.

4.5mm (.177): 7.56 grains
5.5mm (.22): 15.43 grains


Low-profile Roundhead Magnum

The mighty Pylarm is purpose-built for our .25 calibre hunting rifles and represents the ultimate anti-rat pellet. The low-profile head transmits maximum shock-energy on impact and the solid design provides accuracy to match. This is the specialist pellet for those that prefer the larger calibre.

6.35mm (.25): 21.60 grains

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