BSA Essential Scopes

The 'Essential' Range

All BSA Optics scopes are rated suitable for use on spring powered air rifles.

Model Reticule
4x32WR Mil-dot
3-9x40WR Mil-dot
3-9x50WR Mil-dot
4-12x44AO Mil-dot
6-24x50AO Mil-dot
3-9x40IR Illuminated Mil-dot
3-9x32AO Duplex
3-9x40AO Duplex


WR With Rings
AO Adjustable Objective for parallax correction
IR Illuminated Reticule
MOA Moment of Arc

Mil-dot reticule

Illuminated mil-dot reticule

Duplex reticule

Feature Packed Hunting Scopes

Setting new standards of quality and reliability, essential scopes are exactly that, an essential part of any serious air rifle shooters equipment. Since their launch in 2006, they have enabled shooters to take the honours at many competitive events and become the first choice for hunters and professional pest controllers across the globe.

Packed with advanced features the essential starts with a one piece body of high grade aluminium and has a fast focus eye bell, finger adjustable turrets, fully multi-coated lenses, and a choice of reticules. Amongst which is the BSA mil-dot, which ‘Air Gunner’ magazine described as ‘probably the best mil-dot reticule available’, because unlike many inferior scopes the dots are not spread out, but concentrated where they are needed, in the centre of the pattern.

Fast focus eye bell

To ensure perfect optical focus of reticule and target

New finger adjustable turrets

High precision turret drums, with 1/4" MOA click adjustments give improved control, even when wearing gloves

Fully multi-coated lenses

Give enhanced target image by facilitating maximum light transmission for a brighter clearer sight picture

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