Premium Pellets

Ultimately, the performance of your airgun depends on the quality and compatibility of the pellets you choose for it. BSA have made that choice simple by producing a range of pellets that have been specifically selected to perform to the highest standard in BSA barrels. Each type of sporting airgun discipline is catered for by our range of precision-formed pellets. We know what our airguns need to produce top performance and these BSA pellets will deliver it for you. Choose BSA pellets for your BSA airgun…

…it really is that simple!

BSA Gold Star

Competition Standard

This “middle weight” dome headed pellet really is a top performer. Superb aerodynamics allow expert and novice shooters alike to achieve the tightest of shot groups at medium ranges. The Goldstar’s high impact and penetration qualities means they can be considered not just for competition shooting but hunting as well.

4.52mm (.177): 8.64 grains
5.53mm (.22): 14.66 grains

BSA Silver Star

Medium Weight Expander

These accurate, medium weight expanders impact hard and penetrate deep. The pin point tip and small tapered cone provide excellent expansion and a controlled deformation on impact. Perfect for medium range pest control.

4.5mm (.177): 7.25 grains
5.5mm (.22): 16.36 grains

BSA Black Star

Long Range Hunter

This heavy hollow point pellet is extremely accurate and specifically designed for hunting at longer ranges. Its aero dynamic shape, smooth finish and deep hollow point provides the deadly trio of precision, maximum impact and deep penetration all in one strike.

4.5mm (.177): 10.49 grains
5.5mm (.22): 18.21 grains

BSA Green Star

High velocity lead free

A top performer that’s lead free and not to be underestimated. This light weight, high velocity pellet is extremely accurate and perfect for competition and hunting alike. Its composition of zinc and tin-alloy give it a very flat trajectory and eliminate any build-up of lead in your barrel. High impact and penetration are assured.

4.5mm (.177): 6.64 grains
5.5mm (.22): 12.96 grains

BSA Polaris

Target Pellets

Extensively tested and designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy for competition and training – the BSA Polaris target pellets provide the tightest shot groups, clean-cut impact holes and are excellent value for money. BSA Polaris target pellets really do fit the bill for the performance-oriented shooter.

4.5mm (.177): 8.18 grains

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