BSA GRT Lightning SE Air Rifle

Scope not included.

GRT Lightning SE

To create our new GRT Lightning SE, we have taken our successful Lightning model, added the SE improvements and finally exchanged the traditional steel main spring for Gas Ram Technology.
There are considerable benefits to the shooter of switching to a gas ram powered air rifle. The action of cocking the gun is smoother requiring the same pressure from the beginning to the end of the stroke; vibration when firing is reduced as the ram runs effortlessly down the cylinder and accuracy to target is improved as the pellet exits the barrel at greater speeds.
In addition, the new GRT Lightning SE has a volumetric silencer to reduce muzzle blast and Maxi-Grip scope rail for maximum dampening effect. The new adjustable two-stage trigger takes minimal pressure to fire and the newly designed chequered beech stock all adds up to an attractive, high performing package suitable for hunters and pest controllers.

Gun Specification

Overall Length

95cm / 37.5in

Barrel Length

37cm / 14.5in


3kg / 6.6lb

Select a power rating:

Max Muzzle Velocity

.177 / 4.5mm
807 ft/s (246 m/s)
.22 / 5.5mm
571 ft/s (174 m/s)

Max Muzzle Velocity

.177 / 4.5mm
522 ft/s (159 m/s)
.22 / 5.5mm
367 ft/s (112 m/s)

Max Muzzle Velocity

.177 / 4.5mm
607 ft/s (185 m/s)
.22 / 5.5mm
430 ft/s (131 m/s)

Max Muzzle Velocity

.177 / 4.5mm
725 ft/s (221 m/s)
.22 / 5.5mm
512 ft/s (156 m/s)

Max Muzzle Velocity

.177 / 4.5mm
951 ft/s (290 m/s)
.22 / 5.5mm
722 ft/s (220 m/s)

GRT Lightning SE Main Features

Recoil Absorbing Butt Pad

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Ambidextrous Beech Stock

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2 Stage Trigger

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Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

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Full-Barrel Silencer

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Gas Ram Technology

The GRT Lightning SE is powered by a gas ram filled with pressurised nitrogen for consistent power.

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