“NEW” BSA R12 SLX Side Lever

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R12 SLX Side Lever – Over 160 years in the making

Following the successful introduction of BSA’s CLX mono-block platform in 2021 with the launch of the Ultra CLX and subsequent releases of the R12 CLX Pro and R12 CLX bolt action guns, BSA Guns are delighted to announce our next launch in form of the R12 SLX side lever action. The SLX will become immediately available in two lengths, carbine, and the shorter super carbine version, in three Minelli produced stock choices, walnut, black pepper laminate and the black edition. Available in both main calibres .177 and .22 with other calibres planned to follow.

Building on the success of the much-loved R10SE, we have carefully designed the new R12 SLX side lever action to not only enhance the classic features of its predecessor but also to add key benefits and improvements that allow this new variant to achieve even greater levels of performance.

Designed, developed, and manufactured at our Head Quarters, in Birmingham England, we have taken advantage of the very best in new design and prototyping processes. Throughout this process, we have kept the core values of the R10SE firmly at the forefront of our minds. We engaged with the expert designers at Minelli in Italy to ensure we jointly delivered a new stock design that was clearly a “BSA” and the achieved result completely met the brief.

Key changes introduced for the all NEW R12 SLX side lever action include the use of our now tried and tested Mono-block platform which reduces components, complexity and improves reliability and efficiency. As this is part of BSA’s mono-block platform it uses our 12-shot magazine system with the additional safety feature of a ‘cocked’ indicator, and following consumer feedback have included the BSA low profile side lever. Air efficiency has improved with an all-new regulator, and we have maintained the standard 200cc air bottle for this model. Changes at the fore end of the stock mean that for the first time, a larger 280cc or 400cc bottle can also be used without any modification. Also, by adjusting the position of the pre fitted Sling studs, a Bi-pod can now be fitted without interfering with the position of the Quick fill system.

Using higher graded materials and components such as stainless-steel pellet probes and a clearer, larger pressure gauge that makes reading air pressure in the rifle easier, these new features all go towards a PCP air rifle that keeps the spirit of the R10SE but shares very few components from its predecessor. In fact, the only major components that are shared are the trigger and trigger guard, and because it is a BSA, we fit our world-renowned hand-chambered, crowned and choked cold hammer forged barrel……possibly the most accurate barrel available.

Our latest magazine is 12 shot and includes a shot countdown window ensuring you have full visibility and control of how many shots you have left, and so you know when you have used your last shot, the probe will not move fully forward after the last shot is fired, confirming the magazine is now empty. An additional magazine is also supplied inside the sales package.

The R12 SLX side lever action comes fitted with our CCS (Customer configurable shroud) system, allowing the choice of either a shrouded silencer, or for those wishing to use a larger diameter ‘scope’, the CCS can be customised to remove the shroud and utilise only the ‘Silencer’ part of the system with all the required components supplied in the box. Accuracy, Precision and Craftsmanship have been combined to produce this next-generation, new R12 SLX side lever action but do not just take our word for it, judge it for yourself.

Gun Specification

Overall Length

95cm / 37.5in

Weight: Soft Touch


Weight: Walnut


Weight: Laminate


Power rating:

*Pellets used: .177 BSA Goldstar 8.64gr / .22 BSA Goldstar 14.66gr

BSA R12 SLX Main Features

BSA side lever action

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New high efficiency regulator

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Adjustable butt pad

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Minelli stocks available in Walnut, Black Pepper laminate or Black edition

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Factory fitted sling swivel studs

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200cc air reservoir, removable bottle

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12 shot rotary magazine with shot countdown display, 2 supplied with every rifle

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‘CCS’ shroud / silencer system

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3-way adjustable trigger for length, lateral and radial position

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270 degrees viewing area on board pressure gauge

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Quick fill system for air replenishment and magnetic dust cover

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Hand chambered, crowned and choked cold Hammer Forged barrel

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Made in Birmingham. England

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R12 SLX Side Lever Action Features

BSA’s new monoblock platform

12 shot .177 & .22 magazines

Shot countdown window

BSA Side Lever Action

Easy grip magazine rotor

Newly designed high-performance regulator

Multi-Shot Magazines

• Unique BSA design
• 12 shot magazine available in both .177 and .22 calibres
• Includes an easy to see shot countdown window
• Smoother indexing
• Easy grip magazine rotor

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